The request for assistance can be required by all passenger with reduced mobility (ie. Phisically disabled, mentally disable or aged handicap).

The request can be remitted to GEAC Spa – SP 20 n. 1 – 12038 Levaldigi tel. 0172 741500 or via e-mail – According to European regulations (EC Regulation 1107/2006), AIRPORT MANAGER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING PASSENGERS WITH REDUCED MOBILITY (PRM) WITH ASSISTANCE ON THE GROUND.

In compliance and accordance with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, both in air transport and in everyday life, people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility have the same rights as other citizens regarding free movement, freedom of choice and non-discrimination The PRM must be at check-in desk at convenient time published by carrier or travel agent, tourist operator or airport manager. When the timing is not fixed, the EC Regulation 1107/2006 sets that it is two hours in advance on EDT.



To guarantee a service that caters to their requirements in the quickest time possible, the request for assistance must be made to the airline company during the booking phase and within 48 hours of departure. The airline company will be responsible for forwarding the request onto the relevant airport. Please use the below scheme about assistance codes used by operators. The departing PRM can park in the dedicated parking pleaces in front of the terminal.

Please follow indications PRM PARKING/PARCHEGGIO PRM.

On the day of departure the passenger should present themselves  in the airport and call the number 0172741514 to provide notification of their arrival and to receive assistance. Please arrive at the airport within the time limit suggested by the Airline for departure and check in and notify your arrival at one of the contact points (also in the case of web check-in). Here the person responsible will come to assist you. If you wish, this person will help you with the check-in formalities. If need be, the same person will accompany you to the boarding gate to assist you with the control procedures. Just like any other passenger you may use the facilities available in the airport. Assistance will always be adapted to your degree of mobility. The boarding operations will  be provided with the Ambulift.




Finally, whether you’re arriving or transiting, another person will meet you when your flight lands to guide you to the passengers’exit to meet their family or to the parking area to get the car.



Any claims can be sent to

Download the claims form >


IATA CODE (please choose the required type of assistance to be declared when booking or purchasing your ticket)


Passenger who is able to walk short distances and climb stairs. For longer distances a wheelchair and the appropriate assistance is requested.


Passenger who is able to walk short distances, but cannot climb steps. For longer distances a wheelchair and the appropriate assistance is requested.


Passenger who needs a wheelchair at all times, including on board.


Deaf, hearing-impaired, or deaf-mute passenger who need assistance during the journey.


Blind or visually impaired passenger who needs assistance during the journey.


Deaf or visually impaired passenger that require an accompanying person.


Disabled Passenger Needs Assistance. Passenger who needs assistance during the journey due to a mental disability.





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